Glendale Seeks Community Input on Integrated Resources Plan

Glendale has scheduled city-wide neighborhood meetings to discuss Glendale's Integrated Resources Plan. City staff will solicit public opinions about the overall picture of local power resources, including changes at the Grayson Power Plant and developments at the Scholl Landfill. One of those meetings is scheduled to be held at:

Joe Bridges Clubhouse at Glenoaks Park
2531 Glenoaks Boulevard
Date: Thursday, April 18
Time: 5:30-7:30 PM

If you want Glendale to move toward efficient, low pollution, affordable energy, make your voice heard at this meeting! Important Question to consider:

  • Why the City of Glendale separated the Scholl Landfill from the Grayson Power Plant study?
    The two facilities were linked, but the City of Glendale quietly discontinued use of the gas pipeline to Grayson and has been flaring the methane at Scholl Canyon Landfill since April 2018.

  • Was this sudden and unannounced move their way of responding to our concerns about the deliberate omission of the environmental impacts of the Scholl Landfill methane from the Grayson Power Plant re-powering project?