[ALERT] More Criminal Activity in Canyon

Fellow Glenoaks Residents:

We continue to have break-ins and burglaries in our canyon. Please read this important message from Glendale Police Officer Sue Shine.

Four vehicles were broken into overnight on Feb 15 in the Canyon. Here is what I have:

On Coutin Lane: vehicles were left unlocked and parked on street. Contents were rummaged through and miscellaneous items (ID, credit cards) were taken from one.

Up on East Glenoaks, another car was locked and access was made by unknown means (possible Slim Jim type tool). Items shuffled and sunglasses taken. In the same area, there was a report of entry to a home through a garage on Ashburton. Once inside, thieves took surfboards and a bike.

These do not sound like seasoned thieves. I think we are dealing with some young, possibly drug addicted youth looking for folks who are easy targets. Usually, they go back to the same well until it is dry. Please tell your neighbor who has a habit of leaving the car unlocked to lock it. Also, remind folks to remove EVERYTHING that even LOOKS valuable from the car every night. Lastly, shut your garage unless you are in it and if you are one who comes or goes in the wee hours, be watchful. Most of these crooks are on foot and operate between 0100-0500hrs. If you see anyone not otherwise occupied walking a dog or jogging,  call 818-548-4841 and report the description, location, and what they are doing (walking up driveways, carrying a flashlight and looking into cars, trying door handles of cars, etc).

Be careful and stay vigilant. If we all keep an eye out for each other and report suspicious activity, eventually these criminals will get the message and move out of the canyon.

Be safe.