Crime Alert

Yesterday afternoon, a Glendale resident reported a group of people assertively walking onto their property, making inquiries about rentals and asking to look in back yards.  The incident occurred near Verdugo Woodlands School.  Last month, a male claimed to be from the "Water Company" near Adventist Hospital and attempted to gain access to the home and yard of the resident.  Based upon the description of the individuals, the method they are using to gain access, and the out of state plate obtained yesterday (Ohio), it appears we are experiencing new gypsy scams.  Some of these scams will appear legitimate (door to door sales of fertilizer, driveway repair solicitors, "city" workers doing inspections), but all types are criminal. Many use multiple people, including children in an effort to confuse or distract the victim.  Other groups will use numbers and force their way into a home after their ruse has failed.  The goal is to relieve you of cash or property. What can you do?  If anyone comes to your yard or door soliciting ANYTHING, ask for their City of Glendale Permit.  Chances are, that will be enough for them to move on.  If you see them going door-to door and suspect criminal intent, see if there is an involved vehicle and write down the plate.  Then call (818) 548-4841 to report the details of the scam to dispatch.  Please be patient if it takes us awhile to respond.  We are responding to calls citywide and it may be some time before an officer can break to respond.  If you have the description and a license plate, your statement should be all they need.

If you would like more information on what our City Clerk does permit, or to verify one shown to you, their number is: 818-548-2090