Crime Update: Vehicle Burglary Reported in Canyon

There have been numerous thefts of tools from white work vans over the past year throughout Glendale.  We had never had one in Glenoaks Canyon, until November 25.  Sometime overnight, while parked on the street, a white Chevy Express van was entered and tools were stolen in the 2200 Block of East Glenoaks.  The owner said he was certain the van was locked, but no signs of force was located.

If you or someone you know owns a similar vehicle, let them know that they are being targeted. If they are looking at vans in the canyon, assume they are looking for other victims!  LOCK YOUR CAR and REMOVE ALL PROPERTY FROM SIGHT!  If they see something that looks like it may have value, they will shatter the window and take it (empty gym bags, computer cases, GPS cords, change in the console, sunglasses are just some of the items we have had stolen from cars in driveways and on the street in Glendale).

During the holidays, remove all packages from the car and have neighbors fetch your package deliveries whenever possible.  Don't put letters in the mailbox at home to go out and retrieve your mail promptly.  We are seeing a huge increase in MAILBOX THEFT.  If thieves take something with your information on it, they will steal your identity or wash and cash your checks. Report suspicious activity to : 818-548-4841