Glendale Police Warn of Callers Posing as GWP Reps

The Glendale PD has issued a bulletin to all Glendale Water & Power customers. It has been reported that GWP customers are receiving calls from 818-548-3301.  Callers are identifying themselves as the Glendale Community Hotline and asking customers to pay a balance they owe over the phone with a credit card to avoid service cancellation the same day.  So far, callers are stating their names are Linda James or Michelle Williams.  This is not standard GWP procedure.  Payments are not taken over the phone. If you receive a such a phone call, DO NOT give out credit card or other personal information.  Please write down any information the caller gives you, and then call GWP at (818) 548-3300.  Please share immediately with any GWP customers that you know.