Glenoaks Canyon Annual Dog Parade a Big Success

2009 Dog ParadeAn annual event that Glenoaks Canyon residents look forward to each spring is the Annual Dog Parade, otherwise known as the “Bow Wow Pow Wow.”   This fun filled, canine friendly event took place this year on Saturday, May 30th and was organized by Glenoaks Canyon’s Number One Couple: Mike and Jen Hoppert who have been in charge of the Dog Parade since 2004. Previously the event was organized by Glenoaks Canyon’s other Number One Couple: Sharon Lee and Don Rector.  Besides the Parade itself which was led by Officer McGruff, other highlights of the day included prizes for the Best Costume, Best Dog Trick and Fastest Time on the Obstacle Race.  The “Outstanding Community Member” Award was presented to GOCHA President, Joan Morris.   In attendance were the heroes of Glenoaks Canyon: the courageous Firefighters of Fire Station 25 and their Captain, JoAnne Davis.  They arrived in their beautiful red fire engine and let anyone interested climb aboard and take a look.  Mike Hoppert once commented that his and Jen’s aim in hosting this event was to make the event kid oriented and pet centered.  Once again, the Hopperts achieved their goal.  Thank you, Jen and Mike Hoppert, for all your hard work and enthusiasm which make the Bow Wow Pow Wow so much fun and so successful!