Glenoaks Elementary School Teaming Up With Nike

[Via] The Glenoaks Elementary School Green Team with team up with the school Parent Teacher Assn. and Nike to keep old shoes out of the Scholl Canyon landfill. A drive to collect old but usable shoes will begin Jan. 29 and end Feb. 12. The shoes can be recycled into high quality sports and playground surfaces.

Shoes can linger in landfills for up to 1,000 years, and the reuse-a-shoe program has kept 21 million pairs of athletic shoes out of landfills, organizers said.

Glenoaks organizers said they hope they can recycle 200 pairs.

The Glenoaks Green Team has led the effort to initiate cans and bottle recycling at the school, as well as a school garden project.

The Green Team students meet every month after school.