Language Immersion Program Being Considered at Glenoaks Elementary

We now have a survey on Survey Monkey for learning whether there is a commitment among a critical mass of area families for starting a language immersion program at our local school.

If your family is considering enrolling a child in kindergarten at Glenoaks in the Fall of 2011 or later, please take a few minutes to take the survey (it's pretty quick).  If you know someone with a pre-kindergarten-aged child in our area, please forward it to them.

The district is interested in us first surveying families in the Glenoaks Elementary boundaries.  But these language programs also tend to draw families outside the boundaries seeking permits, so we may eventually survey outside families who would be committed to such a language program.

You may receive this from more than one source, and we only want each family/household to respond once.  We would like the survey results no later than September 20th.

(Note: this is simply a survey at this point.  There is no commitment to necessarily begin language immersion at Glenoaks, and if a program got started it would not be until Fall 2011, at the earliest.  This survey is just a starting point to assess commitment.)

Thanks to Amy Yniguez for helping create the survey on Survey Monkey.  Once we have survey results those interested could meet to split up tasks.

Contacts:  Denise Meyer at and Amy Yniguez at