Mountain Lion Sighting

This week, a mountain lion was spotted in our canyon. A canyon resident reported seeing a mountain lion on the ridge above Hollister Terrace near Elvina on Monday. If you have also seen the lion, please add your sighting to the comments of this post. As a reminder, here is some information regarding mountain lions pulled from the Glendale Police department.

Mountain lions are generally described as tawny colored with black-tipped ears and tail. Adult males may be 8 feet long from nose to end of tail and generally weigh between 130 and 150 pounds. Adult females can be 7 feet long and weigh between 65 and 90 pounds.

If You Encounter a Mountain Lion: •    Do not hike or bike alone (go in groups, with adults supervising children) •    Keep children close (keep children within your sight at all times) •    Do not approach a lion, they want to avoid a confrontation •    Do not run from a lion (make eye contact, pick up children without bending down) •    Do not crouch down or bend over •    Do all you can to appear larger (raise your arms, open your jacket, wave arms slowly, talk loudly) •    Fight back if attacked (throw rocks, use sticks, remain standing)

For additional information, please contact the Glendale Park Rangers at (818) 334-9042. Also, keep your pets indoors at night if possible. Please keep me posted on any close encounters.