Neighborhood Watch Tips

Here are some great tips that were posted by one of our canyon residents:

  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • Use an alarm system
  • Trim bushes and shrubs lower that hide windows
  • Install motion metector lights
  • Get outside and open curtains to better see what's going on
  • Lock up good when you leave home, most crimes are when you have left your house
  • Don't answer the door without checking to see who it is
  • Don't allow strangers into your house
  • Put up signs indicating dog, dog paraphanelia, or have dog
  • Secure the rear of your house as you do the front of your house
  • Don't depend on one safety system
  • Ask neighbors to watch for suspicious activity, or watch out for you
  • Watch for unusual cars hanging around for days
  • Log all serialized property and photograph all jewelry and store family valuables off-site
  • Don't telegraph behavior with set routine
  • Leave lights on and radio on when gone, you could put radio on timer
  • Close and lock garage doors
  • Lock up tools that could be used to break into your home (ladder, etc.)
  • Be alert
  • Don't try to stop or apprehend a person committing a crime - call 911
  • Don't investigate suspicious activity - call 911

For non-emergencies call Glendale PD at (818) 548-4911

For suspicious vehicles, GPD needs make, model, color, AND LICENSE PLATE #. Also special features like bumper damage, bondo, peeling paint, custom paint job and tell dispatch the direction the car is traveling.

For suspicious people GPD needs as much detail as possible dark skin, light skin, hair color, height and weight approximated AND what they are wearing.

Other resources: for up to the minute crimes in our area. (tip line) 818 507-STOP & 800 222-tips (anonymous tip line) TIPLA@2744637 for texting