Shakespeare Returning to Glenoaks Park

Shakespeare by the Sea is returning to Glenoaks Park this summer on Thursday, August 2 for a 7pm performance of Romeo and Juliet.

The company was notified earlier this year that funding for this program had been completely cut.  Not to be daunted, SBTS organizers made the decision to return to Glenoaks Park and attempt to seek funding elsewhere to underwrite its $6500 per performance costs.  Four organizations have stepped forward with $250 each: Glenoaks Canyon Homeowners Association, Glendale Arts, Apollo Insurance and the Glendale Gateway Kiwanis.  Along with a smattering of individual donations, the company is still seeking an additional $4500 to underwrite its performance this season.  Without additional support from Glendale residents and business owners, the company may have to reevaluate Glendale as a viable performance location.

If you’d like to help SBTS continue performing in Glendale – donate to the organization today – as an individual or through your company or business.  If everyone who attended the performance made a $10 donation, SBTS would make their budget for Glendale and would return in 2013.

Donation opportunities are on their website:



Shakespeare by the Sea has been performing in Glendale for the past 6 years and would like to continue to perform for the residents of Glendale, but without additional support, Glendale sits precariously on the edge of losing this valuable community event.

Feel free to contact Lisa Coffi, Producing Artistic Director if you have any questions or would like to offer support.