Glendale Hosts Transport Ability Expo on Saturday

The City of Glendale is sponsoring a  TRANSPORT ABILITY EXPO at

Larry Zarian Transportation Center 400 W. Cerritos Ave, in Glendale

There will be information on how to use public transportation for older adults, persons with mobility impairments, and those who have never ridden a bus.  This free event will be held  SATURDAY, JUNE 23,   9 AM - 12 PM.


CONTACT 888 -743- 5977 or


Update on Beeline 13 and Metro 201

Per previous announcements to Route 13 passengers, Route 13 (from downtown Glendale to Glenoaks Canyon) concluded service on Friday, December 9, 2011.  Metro was scheduled to extend Line 201 into Glenoaks Canyon beginning Monday, December 12, 2011.  Based on Metro’s suspended service change this weekend, Route 201 will not be operating the extension into Glenoaks Canyon as planned. Per the City’s request Southland will operate replacement service between the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital) and the Gardner/Glenoaks stop (Canyon) on the same schedule as was planned with Metro – per yellow highlights.  Southland is being asked to coordinate morning departure times from the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital) to collect passengers from the 201 bus; and coordinate afternoon trip times to return passengers to meet the outgoing Line 201 buses at the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital).  Passengers may look for a small bus (cutaway) using “Special” for the headsign or “Route 13” on the window card.

Southland staff has agreed to operate the replacement service through December 30, 2011 or sooner.  We will work with Metro to determine how quickly the Line 201 extension can be implemented.  We will update you as soon as we know more.

Update on Restored Bus Service

We have gotten more information on the restored bus service. The current Beeline Route 13 will end on Friday, December 9th and the first day of the new line 201 will be on Monday, December 12th. There will be five trips into the canyon each weekday.

Click here for more information and schedules for the new line.

Action Alert: City Council to Discuss Transportation Options in Canyon

At the Glendale City Council this Tuesday, Sept. 20th at 6:00 PM,  an agenda items to be discussed will be Route 13 into Glenoaks Canyon. One city recommendation to be presented is the use of taxi vouchers at a round trip cost of $7.50 from Glendale Adventist Hospital to Glenoaks Park.  This would replace the current $.50 charge for the Beeline and seems to be an unreasonably high solution for those who use public transportation to get in and out of the canyon. They may also discuss the return of a limited service of Metro Line 201 (no cost to the City of Glendale).  This is the best recommendation.

Your presence and voice are very important to maintain public transportation in our canyon and to support those neighbors who need this service. Please attend the meeting if possible and/or call the city clerk at (818) 548-2090 to leave an email message with your recommendation for the city council.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

You Can Help Save Beeline 13

If you are interested in helping Save Line 13 (the Beeline Shuttle into Glenoaks Canyon),  you can reach all our City Council members by making one phone call. If you call the City Clerk's Office at  (818) 548-2090 or the City Council Office at (818) 548-4844,   Michelle, the Administrative Clerk, will  forward your message on to the City Council members.  The City Council meeting is tomorrow (Tuesday) night, so if you wish to make a call to let our City Council know your feelings about the necessity for public transportation in our canyon, please do so tomorrow. Thanks so much for your support of this important issue.

Action Alert: Elimination of Beeline Shuttle Service Into Canyon

Coming up at this Tuesday's City Council meeting (Aug. 30th) is a recommendation from the Transportation Department to permanently eliminate, Line 13, the Bee Shuttle  into Glenoaks Canyon because of low ridership. This is of concern to us because there are approximately 1,000 people per month who ride this line. Removal of this service would leave only  Dial-a- Ride as a transportation option.  Dial-a-Ride requires a making a reservation a week in advance a with no guarantee of a ride as they may be booked up. The cost for Dial-a-Ride is $18.05 whereas the Beeline is only $2.67.  Not only is Dial-a-Ride less reliable, it is a lot more expensive. Please attend this important meeting so that your voice may be heard on this important issue. Contact GOCHA Board member, Angela Vukos at (818) 247-2781 for more information. The meeting will be held at the Glendale City Hall ,  613 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor at 6:00 PM on Tuesday August 30th.

Background information on City Council's decision: Funding for the City's transportation programs primarily comes from a small portion of sales tax dedicated to transportation. With the recent recession, sales tax receipts have been significantly reduced and the current operating commitments in the City's Transportation Fund are exceeding the annual operating revenues. Based on previous City Council budget discussions, it is recommended that Beeline increase its base cash fare on regular local routes from $0.25 to $0.75 beginning October 1, 2011, to be increased to $1.00 beginning July 1, 2012, and to $1.25 beginning July 1, 2013. The cash fare for the express routes will increase from $1.00 to $2.00. The remaining Beeline fare media would be adjusted to be consistent with the cash fares. Staff also recommends changing the senior age definition from 60 to 62 years of age to be consistent with Metro fare policy. It is recommended that Dial-A-Ride increase its cash fare from $1.00 to $1.25 beginning October 1, 2011, and to $1.50 beginning July 1, 2013. Staff also recommends increasing the minimum age for new Dial-A-Ride participants from 60 to 65 years of age.

Finally, it is recommended that Beeline Route 13 serving Glenoaks Canyon be cancelled due to low ridership; that the frequency of service on Beeline Route 3 between Glendale Community College and Jet Propulsion Laboratory be reduced due to lack of ridership demand; and, that the fare subsidy program for the purchase of Metro senior passes be discontinued.

Action Requested: Help Save Our Public Transportation

Action Alert: Vote to Terminate Beeline Shuttle This Tuesday at the Glendale City Council Meeting

Due to low ridership, the Glendale City Council is voting to terminate the BeeLine Shuttle in Glenoaks Canyon this Tuesday, Oct. 5th. Public transportation into Glenoaks Canyon has been provided continuously since the 1930s and it is a service that we hate to lose.  Please help save this important canyon resource by attending the city council meeting and speaking out in favor of keeping the Beeline.

As mentioned at our GOCHA Annual Meeting on September 22nd, the City of Glendale is now considering removal of all public transportation in our Glenoaks Canyon. The Transportation Department submitted their recommendation to remove Line 13 to the Glendale City Council for their final decision to permanently stop all public transportation up Glenoaks Blvd.

GOCHA has been advised that the most effective method of communication would be to speak during Oral Communications* at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010 at 613 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor.  The regular business agenda starts at 6:00 PM. Please try to attend this council meeting.

We also recommend writing to Metro, Mr. Don Knabe,, the Metro Board, Mr. Arthur T.Leahy, , and Supervisor Michael Antonovich,

Please contact Angela Vukos at (818) 247-2781 or via email if you will be able to attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday.  Thank you for your support.

*ORAL COMMUNICATIONS (Per Mayor Policy – to follow after all other Agenda Items)
Discussion is limited to items NOT a part of this agenda. Each Speaker is allowed 5 minutes. Council may question or respond to the speaker but there will be no debate or decision. The City Manager may refer the matter to the appropriate department for investigation and report.