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Important Public Hearing Regarding Scholl Canyon Landfill

On Wednesday, March 21st at 5:00 PM, the Glendale Planning Commission will be hearing oral comments and will be voting whether to approve the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the Biogas Renewable Generation Project (Power Plant) at the Scholl Canyon Landfill.  Meeting location is  633 E. Broadway, Room 105, in Glendale.

What this means is the City is trying to fast track the installation of a new power generating system on top of our landfill without a full and proper analysis of environmental hazards.  An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) would more fully examine these hazards and would also provide alternatives solutions.  GOCHA is calling for a full EIR report.  Be advised that if this MND is approved on Wednesday, the power plant will be built on the landfill.

It is important that we get a big turnout for this very important meeting. We need the city to hear us. 

Please see attached flyer and plan to attend this important meeting regarding a power plant that would affect all of us in the canyon as well as in surrounding areas.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 5:00 pm

Municipal Services Building 633 E. Broadway Room 105

Public Hearing Flyer

A Look at Glendale’s Biggest Issue – The Grayson Power Plant

The biggest issue before the City of Glendale right now is what to do about the Grayson Power Plant. Glendale Water & Power (GWP) has developed a proposal to replace the old gas-fired Grayson Power Plant with a shiny new gas- fired Grayson Power Plant. This proposal is called the “Grayson Repowering Project.” The estimated cost is $500 million…

Scholl Canyon Landfill to be Discussed at Tonight's City Council Meeting

The City of Glendale has proposed an "experimental" Anaerobic Digestion Facility (AD facility, AKA "Biogas Renewable Generation Project") and a Power Generator to be located at the Scholl Canyon Landfill. An alternative waste management facility (AD or otherswise) is a great idea, but NOT in a residential area--not at Glendale's Dump. 
What we ask of the City of Glendale:
1. Find a non-residential area for the Anaerobic Digestion Facility--don't locate it at Scholl Canyon Landfill.
2.  To CLOSE the dump by June 2028--revise terms of the Joint Powers Agreement that's coming up for renewal in October 2017 to include this final closure date.
Working with CFLA and the residents of Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Pasadena we are trying to get a large group of people down to the Glendale City Council Meeting tonight (August 29th), to voice our concerns about the proposed projects up at Scholl Canyon Landfill.
The City NEEDS to hear from us, they MUST see a large crowd of concerned residents present at their chambers if we want to make a difference.  Please join us and bring a friend along. All you have to do is be present--that's it.  Several CFLA members will be speaking during Oral Communications. 
Tuesday, August 29, approximately 7:00pm
Glendale City Hall
613 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor
Glendale, CA  91206
Wear a blue top, if you have one--any shade of blue is fine.

GOCHA sponsors Glendale City Council Candidates Forum

There will be a Glendale City Council Candidates Forum sponsored by GOCHA and Verdugo Woodlands HOA. Join us as we hear where the candidates stand on the Scholl Canyon Landfill and Proposed Power Plant. 

Glendale City Council Candidates Forum

Saturday, March 25 7:00 PM

First Congressional Church 2001 Canada Blvd. Glendale, CA 91208

GOCHA Annual Meeting on Wednesday 9/16

The Glenoaks Canyon Home Owners Association is having its annual meeting on Wednesday September 16 at 7:30pm in the Joe Bridges Clubhouse at Glenoaks Park.

This year's guest speaker is Glendale's Mayor, Ara Najarian.

Please join GOCHA and your neighbors at this once a year event. It's a good time to catch up and discuss important issues pertaining to our canyon.

GOCHA ANNUAL MEETING Wednesday, September 16, 2015 7:30-9:00pm Joe Bridges Clubhouse


Glendale City Council to Consider 29% Electricity Rate Increases

The Glendale City Council will meet Tuesday evening to consider large increases to our electricity rates. According to the GWP, these rate hikes are necessary to keep the utility from going insolvent by 2017. Opponents to the rate hikes site that if the utility kept all the money collected by customers rather than giving millions to the general fund, these hikes would not be necessary. The proposal would begin with an average jump of 8% this year, followed by further increases of 7%, 5%, 2% and 2% in subsequent consecutive years. The rate increases would be compounded on top of each other. Since the City Council will be meeting the same night that many residents will be participating in the National Night Out, please email the city council voicing your opinion on these large increases.

Email the city council today:

Click here to read this story in the [Glendale News Press].


City Council Passes Glendale Bicycle Safety Plan

On March 27th, the City Council passed the Glendale Bicycle Safety Plan. This affects our canyon in that as part of the street resurfacing project [see: Glenoaks Blvd. Rehabilitation Meeting Notes] the city will be painting bike lanes and sharrows markers in the canyon upon completion of resurfacing. Below is a summary of what this means for our canyon.

Here is what the plan proposes:

From Chevy Chase to Mt. Carmel

Current 46' wide 2 lanes with on-street parking

Proposed 46' wide 2 lanes with on-street parking 6' bike lanes 7' wide parking lanes 10' wide travel lanes

From Mt. Carmel to Scholl Dr.

Current 46' wide 2 lanes with on-street parking 9.5' center turn lane 8' parking lanes 10' 3" travel lanes

Proposed 46' wide 2 lanes with on-street parking Remove center turn lane 7' parking lanes 6' bike lanes 10' travel lanes

From Scholl Dr. to Scholl Canyon Park Entrance

Current 40' wide 2 lanes with on-street parking 4' center painted median 7' parking lanes 11' driving lanes

Proposed 40' wide 2 lanes with on-street parking Remove center painted median 7' parking lanes 13' travel lanes with sharrows (see below for an explanation of what a "sharrow" is)

From Scholl Canyon Park Entrance to Tennis Courts

Current 40' wide 2 lanes with parking only from 6am to 10:30pm 6' wide painted lines, no bike lane markings

Proposed 40' wide 2 lanes with parking only from 6am to 10:30pm Stencil and sign existing stripes to create bike lane

A "sharrow" is a shared bike lane. Signified by the symbol:

The stated purposes of the shared-lane markings used in California are to:

  • Assist bicyclists with lateral positioning in a shared lane with on-street parallel parking in order to reduce the chance of a bicyclist’s impacting the open door of a parked vehicle;
  • Assist bicyclists with lateral positioning in lanes that are too narrow for a motor vehicle and a bicycle to travel side by side within the same traffic lane;
  • Alert motorists of the lateral location bicyclists are likely to occupy within the traveled way;
  • Encourage safe passing of bicyclists by motorists; and
  • Reduce the incidence of wrong-way bicycling.

You can download the full copy of the bicycle master plan here:


City Council Meeting to Discuss Addition of Bike Lanes in Glendale

The City Council will host a “study session” at 3:00 pm on Tuesday March 27th (prior to the regular Council Meeting) to gain input from staff and other sources regarding the proposed addition of Bike Lanes in the City of Glendale. The session should last about 2 hours. All concerned citizens are encouraged to attend the session and voice their opinions – both pro and con.  Council will use the input for further study the program. There is nothing scheduled yet as to when the Council will bring up the program for a vote.

We urge all Canyon residents to participate in the study session and verbally present their ideas regarding adding bike lanes to Glenoaks Boulevard to our Council. if you can't make it to the meeting, please email your thoughts about bike lanes in Glendale to

[UPDATE] City Council to Hold GWP Water Rate Hike Hearing

[UPDATE] Please note that this meeting will be held Tuesday night at 6:00pm. Not Monday as was previously mentioned.

Please see article on GHCC News-page   (

The City Council will hold a GWP Water Rate Hearing on Monday March 20 at 6:00 PM in the council chambers. Please plan to attend to hear more about it and to voice your opinions.