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Scholl Canyon Landfill to be Discussed at Tonight's City Council Meeting

The City of Glendale has proposed an "experimental" Anaerobic Digestion Facility (AD facility, AKA "Biogas Renewable Generation Project") and a Power Generator to be located at the Scholl Canyon Landfill. An alternative waste management facility (AD or otherswise) is a great idea, but NOT in a residential area--not at Glendale's Dump. 
What we ask of the City of Glendale:
1. Find a non-residential area for the Anaerobic Digestion Facility--don't locate it at Scholl Canyon Landfill.
2.  To CLOSE the dump by June 2028--revise terms of the Joint Powers Agreement that's coming up for renewal in October 2017 to include this final closure date.
Working with CFLA and the residents of Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Pasadena we are trying to get a large group of people down to the Glendale City Council Meeting tonight (August 29th), to voice our concerns about the proposed projects up at Scholl Canyon Landfill.
The City NEEDS to hear from us, they MUST see a large crowd of concerned residents present at their chambers if we want to make a difference.  Please join us and bring a friend along. All you have to do is be present--that's it.  Several CFLA members will be speaking during Oral Communications. 
Tuesday, August 29, approximately 7:00pm
Glendale City Hall
613 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor
Glendale, CA  91206
Wear a blue top, if you have one--any shade of blue is fine.

Press Conference Regarding Scholl Landfill on Tuesday

[UPDATE 3/21/16 8:44pm] New Location:


Richard Alatorre Park, Base of the Eagle Rock 7600 Scholl Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, 90041 (just north of 134 Freeway, and north end of Figueroa Street. Park along street; location is close to road).


Communities United to Stop Scholl Dump Expansion is holding a press conference tomorrow, Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 9:00am. The event will be at the Eagle Rock Rec Center (east of the playground).

Even though speaking roles are strictly limited to 4 newsworthy leaders at this event, your PARTICIPATION as a conscientious community stakeholder making visible your opposition to the expansion of the Scholl Dump is extremely important.

Attire: WEAR BLUE, dress appropriately for 70 degrees, bring a dust/particulate mask for nose and mouth.

Parking: At Eagle Rock Rec Ctr parking lot OR along Eagle Vista.

Duration of event: 30 minutes


If you plan to attend, please rsvp to eapd.la@gmail.com so that the organizers can have an idea of how many people will be attending.