Fraud Warning: Be Aware of Phone Scams

One of our canyon neighbors was recently the victim of fraud. She received a phone call from someone who identified himself as her grandson. He claimed that he was imprisoned in the Dominican Republic and needed money. Our neighbor was given the phone number of the American Embassy in the Dominican Republic and the person she spoke to was able to verify the story. She then called Western Union to make arrangements to wire her grandson the bail money. Western Union tried to dissuade her from sending money, saying that there had been many reports of criminal activity in the Dominican Republic. However, despite this warning and due to concern for her grandson, she went ahead and sent the money. Later, when she learned from family members that her grandson was ok, she contacted the Glendale Police Department and learned that many in Glendale are being victimized in this manner. Fortunately for our neighbor, her grandson is safe, but, unfortunately, she lost the money that she sent through Western Union. She is hoping, though, that her warning to you can prevent further occurrences.

Neighbors, be careful out there!