Chamber Music in the Castle

Beginning on Sunday, October 14th and continuing on the second Sunday of every month through May, classical music will be heard in Glenoaks Canyon, at The Castle on Sleepy Hollow Drive.

The concert series, which will include a glass of wine and refreshments before each concert, is being organized by the new residents of The Castle, Peter Hatch and his family.  New to the canyon, the family of classical musicians last lived in Spain, where their two daughters Heidi and Alexis Hatch studied violin in Madrid.  Their father, violist Peter Hatch, formerly a Glendale resident who has played and recorded music for the film industry since 1978, organized and directed a music festival in La Mancha, Spain prior to becoming a Glenoaks Canyon resident last year.

The Concerts in the Castle will feature some of the best musicians in Los Angeles, friends and colleagues of the Hatch family, including members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, The Glendale Symphony and outstanding freelance musicians.  Music to be heard in the concerts includes a mix of some of the most popular masterpieces from the classical music repertoire, as well as several lesser-known works that deserve to be heard more often.  The initial concert on October 14th will feature music by Antonin Dvorak, including his spectacular Piano Quintet in A-Major, Opus 81, and his Sonatina, Opus 100 for Violin and Piano, played by violinist Alexis Hatch.

The Castle is located at 2445 Sleepy Hollow Drive, the concerts begin at 2:30pm, and information about the concerts can be found at the castle's new website:

For more information, please visit the website or check out the flyer here.

Castle Music Flyer