City Council to Meet on Hollister Terrace Zoning and Setbacks

On Tuesday, November 16 at 6pm, the Glendale City Council will have a hearing to consider a proposal to amend the zoning ordiance in order to preserve prevailing setbacks on Hollister Terrace. Attached is the official notice and maps from the city.

Hollister Terrace Rezoning Meeting Notice

Hollister Terrace Setback Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday April 14th

The Glendale Planning Department will be holding a community meeting on a proposal to establish a special setback ordinance on Hollister Terrace in order to preserve the existing prevailing front yards.

The meeting will be held this coming Wednesday, April 14th from 5:30-7:00 pm in the Glenoaks Elementary School Cafetorium (auditorium). For questions, please contact Chris Baghdikian at (818) 548-2140.

Hollister Terrace Setback Consideration

The consideration of options for preserving the setbacks of properties located along and adjacent to Hollister Terrace will be addressed at the January 19, 2010 City Council Meeting. This issue was to be addressed at the December 15th meeting but has been postponed until January. The City Council meeting will start at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers located at 613 E. Broadway.

Click here to see a copy of the City Council Meeting re Setbacks on Hollister Terrace.

City Investigates Setback Ordinance Rules on Hollister Terrace

The city has conducted a preliminary investigation to determine the setback ordinance of properties on Hollister Terrace. They have inspected and measured all of the homes on Hollister Terrace and have determined that we are indeed, unique. The city may rezone the street from R1R to R1 which has different setback allowances.

Details can be found in the City Council Minutes 2-10-09 and City Council 2-10-09 attachments . We will update as information comes forth.