The Legend of the Glenoaks Bear

Bear in treeThis story was sent to Joan Morris, GOCHA's President. We thought it would be a nice story for the website. Enjoy.

Years ago they say, a bear escaped the LA Zoo and found his way to a back yard in Glenoaks Canyon.  He survived on homegrown avocados.  The mystery continued when they say he was chased to the hills by the local wildlife: coyotes, skunks, and possums, never to be seen again.  It is also rumored that the "Glendale Bear" may have been adopted by a local canyon family, and lived his life out with them disguised as a 20-lb poodle.  The neighbors memories are "fuzzy"...but remember the said growling poodle participated in the annual BOW WOW POW WOW and enjoyed free pancakes at the homeowners breakfast.  It was also suspected that the "Glenoaks Bear" appeared as himself at the Halloween Block Party this past year!  Some say they recall the poodle enjoying walks in the canyon with his owner, who always wore a black baseball cap.    Fact or fiction?? —-- what really happened no on knows for sure; but the legend continues......

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