Vehicle Burglaries Reported in Canyon

In the past few days there has been a rash of vehicle burglaries in the area below the entrance of Glenoaks Canyon: 1 in the 1600 Block of Royal, 2 in the 500 Block of Woodbury Rd, 2 in the 1900 Block of Eden Ave and 1 in the 1500 Block of East Glenoaks.  A witness in one of the burglaries described the suspect vehicle as a dark blue older model Volkswagen GTI further described as having tinted windows and a “racing type” exhaust system.  The witness stated he has seen the GTI in the area the past few nights and fears they are casing the neighborhood. Please share this information with your members.  If they see suspicious activities in their neighborhood please have them call 911.

Detective Barba is handling these cases and can be reached at (818) 548-3127