Disaster Preparedness

Safety Alert: Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

Watching the devastating fires that have been ravaging Southern California over the last month is a constant reminder of how vigilant we must be in our beautiful canyon. Fire safety is of the utmost importance to all of us.

That is why GOCHA wants to alert you to a massive recall on Kidde fire extinguishers. This recall affects almost 38 million fire extinguishers manufactured between 1973 and 2017. You can read about the recall here: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/kidde-recalls-fire-extinguishers-with-plastic-handles-due-to-failure-to-discharge-and#.Wfr3FggcNkQ.

The fire extinguishers can become clogged or require excessive force to discharge and can fail to activate during a fire emergency. In addition, the nozzle can detach with enough force to pose an impact hazard.

Kidde will replace any affected fire extinguisher at no cost. You can determine if your extinguishers are affected at this link: https://inmarmarketaction.com/kidde/Kidde284US/

Please check to see if you need to replace your fire extinguishers. If you ever need them, you want to know that they are working.

On behalf of GOCHA, we want to wish you a happy, healthy, and safe 2018!

La Tuna Fire Interactive Map

For up-to-date information about the La Tuna Canyon Fire, the below interactive map shows fire zone, evacuation areas, evacuation centers, etc.  While we are fortunate that the fire is not threatening our canyon, it is a good reminder to stay vigilant, clear your brush around your homes, and be prepared.

Be safe and stay cool.

Glenoaks Canyon Homeowners Association Annual Meeting 9/14

This is a reminder that the Annual Meeting for the Glenoaks Canyon Homeowner's Association (GOCHA) will be held on:

Wednesday, September, 14 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

The meeting will be held at Joe Bridges Clubhouse at Glenoaks Park located at 2531 E. Glenoaks, Blvd., Glendale CA

Please join us to learn more about:

The Canyon's Disaster Preparedness Program Come listen to Isabel Meyer discuss the details of the Canyon's Disaster Preparedness Program. The Glendale Fire Department and Glendale Police Department will also be present to discuss how their efforts will dovetail with the Canyon's in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

The Scholl Canyon Landfill City Manager Scott Ochoa and Council Member Vartan Gharpetian have graciously offered to speak at our meeting to share with us the current status of affairs with the landfill.

Hope to see you there.

Emergency Water Barrels Available for Canyon Residents

Isabelle Meyer, who heads up our canyon's Disaster Preparedness program, has arranged a special offer for canyon residents. 55 gallon emergency water barrels will help you prepare for a natural disaster by providing enough clean drinking water for a family of four for 10 days. The barrels come with everything you need including the barrel, a pump, and the treatment drops that will allow you to store water for up to five years (after five years, just dump the water out and refill and retreat the new water for another five years).

Emergency Water Barrel

Isabelle has been kind enough to arrange the sale and delivery to the canyon of 50 of these barrels so if you are interested, they will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Each barrel is selling for $82.50.

If you are interested, please call Isabelle Meyer at 818–242–4290.

Emergency Guide Posted

We have posted a comprehensive, 130 page Emergency Guide written by Isabelle Meyer on the site. This guide has everything you will need to get prepared for an emergency and help you be confident in what to do when an emergency happens.

You can find the guide on this site's Disaster Preparedness page.

We have also provided a link to download the guide here:

Emergency Guide

This guide covers everything from preparing for an emergency, to what you need to do after an emergency strikes. This is something that everyone should check out.

Please note that as this document is quite large, it may take some time to download.

Meeting Planned for Freeway Fire Aftermath

According to The818now.com, a meeting will be held Monday night at 8pm at the Joe Bridges Club House to discuss winter weather preparations for those residents effected by the Freeway Fire.

City officials announced plans to hold a meeting for residents who live near the footprint of a brush fire that swept along the hillsides above our canyon.

The meeting will go over winter weather preparations for potential debris flows. City officials will also brief residents on plans to put up concrete barriers, known as K-rails, in the Glenoaks Canyon neighborhood and where to pick up sandbags.

The public meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday at the Joe Bridges Club House, 2531 E. Glenoaks Blvd.

For more information on the meeting, call (818) 548-3900. [the818now.com]

Glenoaks Canyon Fire 2009 in Pictures

[singlepic id=20 w=320 h=240 float=left] Thanks to several of our canyon residents for providing some stunning photos of the fire and the efforts of our local firemen and women. I hope this helps archive and document the fire that threatened the homes in our canyon on August 4, 2009. Glenoaks Canyon resident and GOCHA board member, Paul Chamberlain also wrote a nice piece that was published in the Glendale News/Press. You can read it here.

In addition to the photos here, there are some interesting videos that have been posted on Youtube. Be sure to click "more" to see the full post.

You can see here what appears to be a video shot by a driver on the 134 freeway as the fire broke out.

This video has some interesting footage shot from Eagle Rock.

Thank you to Glenoaks Canyon photographers Ted Kenney, Wendy Moore, Mitchell Rubinstein, Teresa Woo-Murray and Eileen Young for contributing their photos.


Scary day in Glenoaks Canyon

August 4th, 2009 was certainly a scary day for all of us in Glenoaks Canyon. After getting a call at work from my wife that our canyon was on firFire in the canyone and having to hike up to our house from Harvey, I thought the worst. Thanks to all the brave firefighters and helicopter pilots that fought the blaze, all our homes are safe. I will post more photos and add more to this post later. I saw a lot of canyon residents with cameras. If you have any photos from yesterday, please email them to me (mitchellr3@gmail.com) so that we can create a visual archive of this event.

Again, on behalf of GOCHA, we are so thankful that everyone is safe and that no homes were destroyed in the fire.