Update on Beeline 13 and Metro 201

Per previous announcements to Route 13 passengers, Route 13 (from downtown Glendale to Glenoaks Canyon) concluded service on Friday, December 9, 2011.  Metro was scheduled to extend Line 201 into Glenoaks Canyon beginning Monday, December 12, 2011.  Based on Metro’s suspended service change this weekend, Route 201 will not be operating the extension into Glenoaks Canyon as planned. Per the City’s request Southland will operate replacement service between the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital) and the Gardner/Glenoaks stop (Canyon) on the same schedule as was planned with Metro – per yellow highlights.  Southland is being asked to coordinate morning departure times from the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital) to collect passengers from the 201 bus; and coordinate afternoon trip times to return passengers to meet the outgoing Line 201 buses at the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital).  Passengers may look for a small bus (cutaway) using “Special” for the headsign or “Route 13” on the window card.

Southland staff has agreed to operate the replacement service through December 30, 2011 or sooner.  We will work with Metro to determine how quickly the Line 201 extension can be implemented.  We will update you as soon as we know more.

Pizza and Holiday Caroling at the Chevy Chase Library

Come in from the cold, share some holiday music and take a night off from cooking!  Join your neighbors and friends for a Holiday Caroling & Potluck Wednesday night, Dec. 21, from 6-8 p.m. at the Chevy Chase Library.  The Chevy Chase Estates Association will supply the pizza and hot drinks, and side dishes, salads or desserts are welcome to help balance our potluck.  We'll start with dinner and holiday stories, then serenade our brave firefighters next door with some holiday carols.  Finally, we'll come back to the library for dessert and crafts, or just visiting with  neighbors and friends.  All ages (and singing abilities) are welcome. For those of us with school kids in Glendale Unified, this is the last day of school before winter night, so there won't be any homework, and the kids can sleep in the next day.  So, come join the fun and stock up on those books and DVDs for Winter Break!

For more information click here, Canyon Caroling.


Information on Latest Burglaries in Canyon

From Officer Sue Shine:

As you may be aware, we had a daytime residential burglary on November 30. A neighbor reported seeing a tan sedan with two Males in their 20's, possibly Middle Eastern leaving the victim's home around 3:00pm. The items taken were electronics (flat screen TV, iPads, etc).

On Friday, December 2, two reports came in. The first was reported early in the morning and the second was similar to the described one above. In this case, the victim returned home at 11:20am and found their home ransacked.

The locations: 2400 block of Sleepy Hollow (reported upon discovery at 5:00am)

2500 block of Gardner Place (reported shortly after the occurrence at 11:20am)

I will get all relevant details in the morning and examine our strategies to stop these crooks. The time frame to be extra vigilant is Monday-Friday during working hours. Burglars do not usually strike on weekends because we are all home. Those of you who are at home during the weekday are encouraged to take walks and rake all those leaves up so the crooks see you and will keep going.

I assure you we will be up there in marked and unmarked vehicles and I will provide updates as I receive them.

As always, if you see a car driving slowly, perhaps more than one time, or any activity at a neighbors home that is unusual, CALL 911. Do not wait to call.

Crime Update: Vehicle Burglary Reported in Canyon

There have been numerous thefts of tools from white work vans over the past year throughout Glendale.  We had never had one in Glenoaks Canyon, until November 25.  Sometime overnight, while parked on the street, a white Chevy Express van was entered and tools were stolen in the 2200 Block of East Glenoaks.  The owner said he was certain the van was locked, but no signs of force was located.

If you or someone you know owns a similar vehicle, let them know that they are being targeted. If they are looking at vans in the canyon, assume they are looking for other victims!  LOCK YOUR CAR and REMOVE ALL PROPERTY FROM SIGHT!  If they see something that looks like it may have value, they will shatter the window and take it (empty gym bags, computer cases, GPS cords, change in the console, sunglasses are just some of the items we have had stolen from cars in driveways and on the street in Glendale).

During the holidays, remove all packages from the car and have neighbors fetch your package deliveries whenever possible.  Don't put letters in the mailbox at home to go out and retrieve your mail promptly.  We are seeing a huge increase in MAILBOX THEFT.  If thieves take something with your information on it, they will steal your identity or wash and cash your checks. Report suspicious activity to : 818-548-4841

A Message Regarding Recent Mail Theft in Chevy Chase Canyon

From Officer Sue Shine of the Glendale Police Dept.:



I have been receiving multiple reports of thefts from mailboxes and we have had some arrests where mail was recovered in possession of the suspects.  Right now, they are occurring up in the Chevy Chase Canyon area and seem to be targeting street mounted boxes in the overnight hours.  Locking boxes are being pried and some mail has been found discarded in cul-de-sacs.  Some people are reporting fraud attempts on their accounts.  As the holidays approach and more felons are released from custody due to the Early Release Program, package deliveries and postal boxes are tempting targets.  Below is the message I sent to the folks being hit by these thieves to provide guidance.  At this time NO THEFTS HAVE BEEN REPORTED IN  GLENOAKS CANYON.  This is a preventative message because it is likely that, unless they are caught, the thieves will move on soon.

What can you do?

  • Check your box or, if you are not at home all day, ask a neighbor to pick it up for you.
  • Never put mail to go out in your box (take it to the post office)
  • If you are home during the day, open the blinds and curtains and look outside to see if anyone walks by.  Call if you see anything unusual!  Not only will this discourage mail theft, but burglars will think twice too.
  • CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS ONLINE IMMEDIATELY.  Make sure no one has gained access to any accounts

Mail theft is a tricky crime to prosecute.  If you know you are a victim, you may report it directly to the Postal Service as theft from the mailbox is a federal crime.  The two ways to do this are to call: 877-876-2455 (select option #5) or online at: U.S. Postal Inspector.

If you are a victim of identity theft, bring whatever documents confirm this to the station or call to have an officer respond to your home (818-548-4841)

Officer Sue Shine 
East Command, Lead Officer 
Glendale Police Department 131 North Isabel Street 
Glendale, CA 91206 Office: (818) 937-8769 | Cell: (818) 402-4523 
Fax: (818) 409-7013 | E-mail: sshine@ci.glendale.ca.us

Update on Restored Bus Service

We have gotten more information on the restored bus service. The current Beeline Route 13 will end on Friday, December 9th and the first day of the new line 201 will be on Monday, December 12th. There will be five trips into the canyon each weekday.

Click here for more information and schedules for the new line.

Dog Found on Friday

If you, or anyone you know, lost a dog on Friday while it was raining. The dog has been found and is currently at the Pasadena Humane Society. This sweet pup was found in the canyon hiding under a parked car.

The dog is a male, black and white Pomeranian mix. About 10 years old.

Humane Society ID#A298079

For more information, contact the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA at 626-792-7151. Ask for information about animal ID number A298079.


Bus Service to be Restored in Canyon

It appears that the MTA will be bringing bus service back into Glenoaks Canyon. According to comments made at the October 25th City Council Meeting, the bus route will be restored starting on December 11th for 5 or 6 trips per day. The City Council heard from many people in the canyon.  The result of our actions is a prime example of what we can do to affect change in our city. A big thank you to all of the canyon residents who wrote letters to the MTA and city council members and especially to Angie Vukos who kept the fight going.

This is great news for many people in the canyon who rely on public transportation.

Mail Theft Reported in Chevy Chase Canyon

The Chevy Chase Estates Association website is alerting residents about reports of mail being taken from mailboxes on Buckingham. Head on over to their website to read a statement by Officer Sue Shine about the incidents and some tips to help this from happening to you. [link]

Please note that no incidents of this kind have been reported in Glenoaks Canyon.