Glendale Hosts Transport Ability Expo on Saturday

The City of Glendale is sponsoring a  TRANSPORT ABILITY EXPO at

Larry Zarian Transportation Center 400 W. Cerritos Ave, in Glendale

There will be information on how to use public transportation for older adults, persons with mobility impairments, and those who have never ridden a bus.  This free event will be held  SATURDAY, JUNE 23,   9 AM - 12 PM.


CONTACT 888 -743- 5977 or


Update on Beeline 13 and Metro 201

Per previous announcements to Route 13 passengers, Route 13 (from downtown Glendale to Glenoaks Canyon) concluded service on Friday, December 9, 2011.  Metro was scheduled to extend Line 201 into Glenoaks Canyon beginning Monday, December 12, 2011.  Based on Metro’s suspended service change this weekend, Route 201 will not be operating the extension into Glenoaks Canyon as planned. Per the City’s request Southland will operate replacement service between the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital) and the Gardner/Glenoaks stop (Canyon) on the same schedule as was planned with Metro – per yellow highlights.  Southland is being asked to coordinate morning departure times from the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital) to collect passengers from the 201 bus; and coordinate afternoon trip times to return passengers to meet the outgoing Line 201 buses at the Glenoaks/Chevy Chase stop (Adventist Hospital).  Passengers may look for a small bus (cutaway) using “Special” for the headsign or “Route 13” on the window card.

Southland staff has agreed to operate the replacement service through December 30, 2011 or sooner.  We will work with Metro to determine how quickly the Line 201 extension can be implemented.  We will update you as soon as we know more.