Pizza and Holiday Caroling at Chevy Chase Library December 22nd

All are invited to a fun event at the Chevy Chase Library. Next Wednesday, December 22 from 6-8pm a caroling party with food and drink will take place at the library. It should appeal to all ages.  It will also be a way for Glendale school families to celebrate the start of winter break -- no school the next day. Please see the attached flier for more details.

[Updated] Criminal Activity in Our Canyon Calls for Vigilance

I got an email last week from a canyon resident recounting a story they experienced recently at their home:

On Friday morning 12-3-2010 about 11AM a green jeep pulled up in the cul-de-sac on our block of Delcourt.  Two men got out and walked up the middle of the street in front of our house and walked into our open garage.  My daughter just happened to be standing in the kitchen to witness this and threw open the kitchen window and yelled for the men to "get the hell out of our garage".  The men took off running toward the intersection of Hollister and Edwards.  Upon seeing this, the green jeep parked on Delcourt "peeled" out, quickly stopped in the intersection to pick up the two men and fled.  Our daughter called 911 and alerted the police.  They responded immediately to our house and searched the canyon, but the men were long gone.  The police reported that there have been a number of residential burglaries reported in Glenoaks Canyon and that they have increased their patrol in recent weeks and will increase it even more with this incident.

About 1 month ago, the house across the street from us was burglarized.  It was on the market to be sold and the burglars cut the lockbox off the front door and removed the keys and let themselves into the house.

Let this be a reminder to us all that even though we all feel very safe in our canyon, there are people that come in to our canyon that do things to disrupt our comfort and safety. Please keep an eye out for this kind of activity and call the police if you see anything of concern.

[UPDATE] I spoke with Glendale Police Officer Sue Shine earlier this week and wanted to clarify some facts. According to police reports, the burglary mentioned above in the empty house was actually a false alarm. Police responded to the alarm but found no forced entry and nothing out of place. Officer Shine also wanted me to relay that while it is important that we always be vigilant, crime is very light in our canyon compared to other areas of Glendale.

As you can see at, our canyon is a very safe sanctuary. Our police officers frequently patrol our canyon and help keep it that way. If you want to be alerted via email about crimes in our area, you can sign up at the crimemapping website to receive email alerts.

Tree Planting in Honor of Glenoaks Canyon Resident Clarence Hall

A California Sycamore tree will be planted in honor of Glenoaks Canyon Resident of the Year Clarence Hall on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 10:00am. The tree will be planted at the Scholl Canyon Golf and Tennis Complex near the tennis courts.

Dr. Clarence Hall has achieved a world-wide reputation as a UCLA professor of paleontology and geology. The study of earthquake faults is one of Dr. Hall’s specialties.

Clarence Hall is a true multi-decade native of Glenoaks Canyon.  When Clarence was born, he was brought from the hospital to a home in the 1900 block of Glenoaks Blvd.  The house is now gone.  It was taken by the 2 Freeway.  While he was still a young boy, Clarence’s parents moved the family up the Canyon to a beautiful house they built at the corner of Ashburton and Hollister Terrace.

Clarence went to Glenoaks Elementary School followed by Wilson Junior High School and Glendale High School and then enrolled at Glendale Community College. Clarence went on to Stanford University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree, a Masters of Science, and a Ph.D., all in the field of geology.   In 1956 he was selected for the position of Assistant Professor at UCLA in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences.  He has been at UCLA ever since, serving as Chairman of the Department of Geology, Chairman of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, and Dean of the Division of Physical Sciences at UCLA.  Clarence also served as Director of the White Mountain Research Station in California, where the oldest trees in the world live and are studied.

Clarence has performed geological mapping in many parts of California and in the Brooks Range of Alaska and the Pyrenees of France.  He has researched the major fault systems of California.  He has done important work in paleontology as well as geology.  Clarence has published more than 70 scientific studies on geology and on the plants and animals that existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Recently Clarence provided, for the benefit of GOCHA ,expert testimony on the geological stability of property that was being considered for development in our canyon.

His latest project is revising his 500-plus-page textbook entitled Introduction to the Geology of Southern California and Its Native Plants.  You can order the first edition of this book at or at Barnes and Noble.  It is invaluable if you enjoy exploring our state and learning why the land looks the way it does.  Clarence is currently teaching a course about the geology, plants, and animals of California, which involves overnight field trips to Yosemite Valley and Death Valley among other highlights.

We are proud of the extraordinary service our native son, Dr. Clarence Hall, has given to the scientific world at large, to the scientific understanding of the land we know as California, to UCLA, and to our own small canyon.

Glenoaks Canyon Resident Spotlight: Paul Chamberlain

Paul ChamberlainWhether in the movie and TV industry related or the fine arts field, our Glenoaks Canyon neighborhood is home to a wide variety of talented and creative residents. Paul Chamberlain, a member of our GOCHA Board of Directors, and a canyon dweller since 1969, is an accomplished oil painter.

From Eagle Rock High School, Paul graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design. He then spent several years in Detroit until he moved back to warm, sunny Los Angeles where he pursued design in the Advertising field for many years.

Spurred on by a close friend and fellow artist, Paul rekindled his love for painting, picking up the brushes in 2004 and resuming his fine art career (after a 35 year hiatus). Many of Paul’s landscape subjects are from Glenoaks Canyon and the Pasadena Arroyo. #47 Arroyo Crossings “I love color…always have.” says Paul. “For me, it all starts with color and interesting subjects.  I call my art 'Eclectic Impressionism.' I’m always amazed at the subjects I find to paint. I never know what’s coming next.”

These days you can find Paul showing his canvas creations at numerous Art Fairs and Exhibitions around the Foothill Communities as well as Arts & Antiques on Lake in Pasadena and the Segil Fine Art Gallery in Monrovia.

Paul is a member of the California Art Club and the Oil Painters of America. If you are interested in Paul’s art, check out his website ( and drop him a line.

#44 Out to Pasture

Information on Door-to-Door Solicitors

There has been an increase in door-to-door solicitations in the area. The Glendale Police Department urges all of us to be aware that some of these solicitors may not be legitimate and has issued an Information Release about these Door-to-Door Solicitors. The memo can be found here: Glendale Police Information Release

Information on Door-to-Door Solicitors

Date Posted: 23 November 2010

There has been an increase in door-to-door solicitations in the city.  While this is legal, a permit must be obtained for any type of door-to-door advertising or soliciting in Glendale.

The larger concern is solicitors fraudulently seeking money for a charity or product they do not represent or will not deliver.  Some solicitors may identify themselves as living in the neighborhood when they may be not.  People can also pose as solicitors to avail themselves to unattended vehicles and homes.

Legitimate solicitors operate in Glendale, but they require a permit issued by the clerk’s office.  Advertisers who leave material at your home also require a permit.  Religious and non-profit organizations are allowed to distribute materials in the city without a permit as long as they are not seeking donations or selling a product.

If you are contacted by a solicitor, ask for their organization ID (or letter of introduction) and their city-issued permit.  If they cannot provide either, close your door.  Never let a stranger into your home.  You can contact the City Clerk’s office during normal business hours to verify a permit at (818) 548-2090.  You can alert the police to suspicious soliciting at (818) 548-4840. If the solicitor is aggressive or you feel endangered in any way, please call 911.

Below is a sample of a city issued permit.  The name and address of the permit holder will appear on the actual permit, and the words “File Copy” will not.

To learn more of the police department's Area Command strategy, please follow this link:

or copy and paste it into your browser's  URL window.

Boy Scouts and Salvation Army Collecting Canned Goods in the Canyon

The Boy Scouts in our area are partnering with our local Salvation Army to try to stock up the food pantry before the holidays. This weekend (November 13) scouts will be dropping off paper bags on our porches. If you'd like to help, fill the bags with canned goods and simply leave the bags in a visible place at 9am on the following Saturday, November 20th. The bags will be picked up without disturbing your Saturday at all. Last year this canyon donated 1 ton of food to the Salvation Army... Pretty amazing. The scouts are looking forward to our help again this year. Remember...pickup is 9am November 20.  So fill those bags.  And thanks in advance!

City Council to Meet on Hollister Terrace Zoning and Setbacks

On Tuesday, November 16 at 6pm, the Glendale City Council will have a hearing to consider a proposal to amend the zoning ordiance in order to preserve prevailing setbacks on Hollister Terrace. Attached is the official notice and maps from the city.

Hollister Terrace Rezoning Meeting Notice

Halloween on Hollister is Almost Here

It's that time of year again when our neighborhood ghouls and ghosts come out to haunt Hollister Terrace. Once again, GOCHA and the wonderful people on Hollister Terrace will make for a safe and family friendly night of fun. Like in years past, the 2300-2400 block of Hollister Terrace (between Edwards Pl. and Tryon) will be closed to non-residential vehicles between 5:00pm and 9:00pm on Sunday, October 31st. So put on your costume (come on parents, you too!) bring the kids, and take a stroll down Haunted Hollister Terrace to enjoy some spirited decoarations, games, special events and lots of fun. We hope to see you there.

Decorate a Pumpkin at the Chevy Chase Library

Decorate a Pumpkin at Chevy Chase Library

3301 E. Chevy Chase Drive


Saturday, October 30th

3:00-4:30 p.m.

All ages are welcome!! Just bring a pumpkin of any size, shape or color, and we’ll provide the decorating supplies. There will be lots of fun for everyone!

Due to safety concerns, the library has requested that we not carve pumpkins at this event, so please don’t bring any carving tools--just a pumpkin and a bit of creativity!