Mail Thefts Still a Cause for Concern

Although a majority of the thefts have been in Chevy Chase Canyon, it is still important for us to be aware and vigilant as well.

For many months, we have been experiencing late night thefts from mailboxes in the Chevy Chase Canyon area. The mailboxes are at the curb and the area is more remote and, therefore was targeted regularly along with adjoining areas in La Canada and La Crescenta. This trend has widened and now Glendale PD is receiving reports of thefts of mail in boxes attached to homes as far west as Valley View. Some apartment buildings are victims as crooks make entry into the lobby and the boxes as well. What the thieves are seeking is a means to steal your identity. This information is more accessible than you think. Every credit card application and those weekly blank checks to the accounts you do have sent to you are easy to complete and with a little more digging, they can get all kinds of things shipped to them at your expense.

  • Please alert neighbors to the activity and notify apartment managers
  • If there are folks on your street that keep later hours, let them know in order to have eyes out for suspicious cars late at night
  • Retrieve your mail as soon as practical and do the same for neighbors if you have opposing schedules
  • Locking mailboxes may deter some theft, but some crooks carry pry tools.
  • Remember to remove any package deliveries from the porch immediately and do the same for neighbors

The USPS has an 800 number on their website to report mail theft. If, however, you witness suspicious behavior or are certain of a theft, inform the Post Office, but also report it with the Glendale Police Department (818) 548-4841 to request an officer respond to take a report, if a crime has been committed. The Glendale police have been actively stopping and searching suspicious vehicles and pedestrians and have made a recent arrest of a prolific mail thief with prior arrests for the same behavior. Patrol officers have been alerted to the trend and will continue to be vigilant.

As with all criminal behavior, it is best to report all suspicious activity and continue to remove opportunity from the thieves. Remove items from your car and lock it. Illuminate your home and make it a hard target. Don’t be so distracted by your shopping to be careless. Watch where you are walking to and from and make eye contact with all you encounter. Don’t act like a victim and it is much less likely you will be a victim!

Have  safe and happy holidays!

Chamber Music in the Castle

Beginning on Sunday, October 14th and continuing on the second Sunday of every month through May, classical music will be heard in Glenoaks Canyon, at The Castle on Sleepy Hollow Drive.

The concert series, which will include a glass of wine and refreshments before each concert, is being organized by the new residents of The Castle, Peter Hatch and his family.  New to the canyon, the family of classical musicians last lived in Spain, where their two daughters Heidi and Alexis Hatch studied violin in Madrid.  Their father, violist Peter Hatch, formerly a Glendale resident who has played and recorded music for the film industry since 1978, organized and directed a music festival in La Mancha, Spain prior to becoming a Glenoaks Canyon resident last year.

The Concerts in the Castle will feature some of the best musicians in Los Angeles, friends and colleagues of the Hatch family, including members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, The Glendale Symphony and outstanding freelance musicians.  Music to be heard in the concerts includes a mix of some of the most popular masterpieces from the classical music repertoire, as well as several lesser-known works that deserve to be heard more often.  The initial concert on October 14th will feature music by Antonin Dvorak, including his spectacular Piano Quintet in A-Major, Opus 81, and his Sonatina, Opus 100 for Violin and Piano, played by violinist Alexis Hatch.

The Castle is located at 2445 Sleepy Hollow Drive, the concerts begin at 2:30pm, and information about the concerts can be found at the castle's new website:

For more information, please visit the website or check out the flyer here.

Castle Music Flyer


Annual Pancake Breakfast September 22, 2012

Come one, come all to the annual GOCHA Pancake Breakfast. This year the breakfast will be at Glenoaks Park on Saturday, September 22, 2012 between 8 and 11am. Once again we will be having GOCHA board members slinging batter and sausages to our wonderful canyon residents. This is a great chance to see old friends and meet new ones.

See you there and come hungry!


Title: Annual Pancake Breakfast Location: Glenoaks Park Description: Come to the park and have breakfast with your neighbors at the annual GOCHA Pancake Breakfast Time: 8:00 - 11:00 Date: 9-22-12

GOCHA Annual Meeting

The Glenoaks Canyon Homeowners Association will be holding its annual meeting on Wednesday, September 19th at 7:30pm at the Joe Bridges Clubhouse in Glenoaks Park.

This year's featured speaker will be Steve Zurn, Director of Public Works for the City of Glendale.


Title: GOCHA Annual Meeting Location: Joe Bridges Clubhouse - Glenoaks Canyon Park Description: Annual homeowners meeting for all canyon residents. Start Time: 7:30pm Date: 9-19-2012

Neighborhood Watch Training and Info Session Tuesday 8/21

There will be a Neighborhood Watch training and information session next Tuesday, August 21 from 6:30 to 8:00pm at the Joe Bridges Clubhouse in Glenoaks Park. Everyone is welcome to attend. Officer Sue Shine of the Glendale Police Department will be presenting information that will help make our community safer and an even nicer place to live.

Reminder: National Night Out Tuesday

Come join your neighbors Tuesday night for National Night Out at Glenoaks Park from 6-8pm. Enjoy a nice warm summer night with other families from the canyon along with representatives from the Glendale police and fire departments. ice cream.

See you there.

Shakespeare Returning to Glenoaks Park

Shakespeare by the Sea is returning to Glenoaks Park this summer on Thursday, August 2 for a 7pm performance of Romeo and Juliet.

The company was notified earlier this year that funding for this program had been completely cut.  Not to be daunted, SBTS organizers made the decision to return to Glenoaks Park and attempt to seek funding elsewhere to underwrite its $6500 per performance costs.  Four organizations have stepped forward with $250 each: Glenoaks Canyon Homeowners Association, Glendale Arts, Apollo Insurance and the Glendale Gateway Kiwanis.  Along with a smattering of individual donations, the company is still seeking an additional $4500 to underwrite its performance this season.  Without additional support from Glendale residents and business owners, the company may have to reevaluate Glendale as a viable performance location.

If you’d like to help SBTS continue performing in Glendale – donate to the organization today – as an individual or through your company or business.  If everyone who attended the performance made a $10 donation, SBTS would make their budget for Glendale and would return in 2013.

Donation opportunities are on their website:



Shakespeare by the Sea has been performing in Glendale for the past 6 years and would like to continue to perform for the residents of Glendale, but without additional support, Glendale sits precariously on the edge of losing this valuable community event.

Feel free to contact Lisa Coffi, Producing Artistic Director if you have any questions or would like to offer support.