Great News: Chevy Chase Library Saved

In response to the outpouring of emails, petitions signatures, and letters, the Glendale City Council has decided to keep the Chevy Chase Library open, and to not transfer it to the Dept. of Community Services and Parks!!! This is GREAT news and a powerful testament to what can be accomplished when we make our voices heard.

Many of the Library advocates are now shifting modes and instead of asking the City Council to "SAVE OUR LIBRARY" plan to express their thanks - both in letters and in person. The City Council often only hears protests, and we want them to hear the positive side of their decisions.

If you'd like, feel free to write to the Mayor and the City Council and thank them for preserving our library. At issue still, is Chevy Chase Library's dearth of books and library-sponsored programs. The Mayor and Council are working hard to find ways to fund this. Please thank them for their efforts and express your deep hope that this can happen!!

Mayor Laura Friedman Council Member Frank Quintero Council Member Dave Weaver Council Member Rafi Manoukian Council Member Ara Najarian

If you had already planned to attend the City Council mtg on Tues, June 8th at 6:00pm, and would now like to express your thanks instead, you can join a handful of families who plan to present the kids' letters, and express their thanks and what the library means to them. If you have any questions or plan to go with a child, please let Pamela Tom know at She would like to let the Mayor know how many kids plan to be there, so that they may make special accommodations.

Congratulations and thank you to all who signed a petition, wrote a letter, supported this effort, and made your voices heard.